Apologies: Another Gushing Post On One of the Best Beaches in the World

Few things can reduce me into a hot, blubbering mess (inside, anyway) as does leaving Boracay.

And I’m not exactly a Beach Bunny (not at all).

I mean, I really stay away from the sun, and I have an arguably impressive collection of sunblocks.  I’m also an avid collector of hats.

What is it, Boracay?  What is it about you that has turned you (quite bluntly) into a kind of cliche on Facebook and even in travel and lifestyle blogs?

Is it the shore of reportedly white (but I think more accurately ecru or very pale-golden) sand with a texture so pure?

Is it the flocks of stylish tourists openly celebrating their love and family?

Is the hordes of convenience stores (that really save you luggage space as you don’t have to pack so much even for kids) and shopping kiosks  in famed D’Mall?

Is it the legendary night life of Station 2?

Or even my favorite Mocha Rum Shake from Jonah’s?

Or breathless parasailing?

Is it the dreamy smiles of strangers with whom I intimately share this island?

Maybe it’s the sunset.

Maybe it’s the barbecued hotdog, chorizo and longaniza.

Maybe it’s everything.

Even Lover, my 6-year-old Mini Me who normally doesn’t warm up to hot places, had strongly suggested we book her into a local regular school and ballet school so we could promptly migrate here.

‘Til next time, Boracay.  You won’t be waiting too long.

Oh, have I told you I love you yet?

Thanks for stopping by! 😉

See you again,



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  1. healthfullywhole June 20, 2012 — 1:29 pm

    Wow your photos are stunning! Do you offer prints for sale or do you have a commercial site?


  2. Hello there! Thank you for your kind words about my humble work. 😉 No, I don’t offer prints for sale. They’re just an expression of my happiness. 😉 You also have a very inspiring blog, so I’m following you back! 🙂


  3. Lovely photos! I’ve never heard of Boracay. It’s beautiful and I would love to go there. Thanks for visiting my blog, it enabled me to visit yours!


  4. Wow so beautiful – would quite like to be there now please – thanks for brightening up my day and thanks for checking out our blog and helping me to find yours X


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