Mission: Save Mother’s Coffee

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Now, how do you like your coffee?  What does it mean to you?

I know some people who don’t care for it, but I do.  With all of my being.  True story.

I like mine piping hot, freshly brewed, pretty strong, with a teeny tiny bit of muscovado sugar, and a generous helping of creamer (I do not like it with milk,which to me is too thin and, well,  not creamy).

So, my weekday breakfast is typically down to the basics of :  kapeng barako (Philippine Liberaca coffee) and Florida’s Naturals Most Pulp Orange Juice spiked with a heaping tablespoon of powdered psyllium husk.  Occasionally, I would indulge myself with pan de sal , or a glass of fresh cold chocolate milk from Hacienda Macalauan.

Then to the office I happily go, where I typically have my second cup of brewed coffee by Monk’s Blend.  Then, lunch, after which I get my third cup.  By 3 p.m. I would typically have consumed my whole lot of 4-cups-a-day.

I’m no connoisseur who owns a fancy espresso machine at home (my “machine” is currently a one-year-old drip type that I had bought for something under US$10).  But I cannot stand “instant” and I do NEED my freshly brewed coffee.  I’d be on my way to attend one of those  business meetings out of my office (hence beyond my whims and caprices) where I know they’d serve up only “coffee” coming from those little pre-mixed 3-in-1 sachets and I’m gripped with the temptation to bring my own (which my husband Bear insists is never polite, so I restrain myself).

I think of coffee and I put my one hand on top of the other, right on where my heart lies underneath my chest and go like, you complete me.  My travels would not be entirely happy without my cuppa.  I mean, if there was a list of criteria on which I would have to base my level of satisfaction for a place I’d just visited, the quality of the coffee would have to be on that list.

If  without warning I suddenly run out of coffee in the house, my housemates get more than just a glimpse of the little effing monster that I can be.  On the flip side, you know that I am at peace with the world when I’m nonchalantly and slowly sipping my brew unperturbed by the constant chatter and soul-breaking fighting of children.

The Municipality of Amadeo in the Province of Cavite is known as the “Coffee Capital of the Philippines.”  (Err, nope, I didn’t know that either.)  So last weekend, after reading this article about the plight of Amadeo coffee farmers, I was suddenly possessed with a violent urge to launch a personal campaign to support the coffee farmers of Cavite and neighboring Batangas.  Just so they never stop producing that effing good coffee.

I called up the owners of  The Coffee Farmhouse and asked if I could pay them a visit that afternoon.  .  They just actually harvested their house coffee beans, and they don’t sell on a highly commercial scale (only to their guests who want to have coffee in there or bring home some as pasalubong or something.  Talk about real special).

Super, super nice people.  We were greeted by Mr.  Bert (one of the owners) who was appropriately attired in his farmer garb, and he patiently showed us around the farm and its recreational facilities (there are packages here for overnight stays, day trips, family and office activities, bonfires, and the like).  You could tell he was really passionate about coffee.  Despite the noise my children were making while running around the garden and checking out the residences and occasionally interrupting, I still managed to learn a lot from him.

You won’t be seeing me all tree-hugging any time soon (although quite frankly I’m not so far removed from the possibility) but I am definitely paying a visit to the other farms and actually exerting the effort to get to know the local varieties better.

How about you?  Do you like coffee?  In your part of the world, what would you say is the beverage of choice?  Would you give checking out the farm where it’s made a try, just for kicks?

I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by 😉

See you again,



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  1. I can’t stand instant coffees as well. I like mine black. Have you tried Kalinga coffee? I think the coffee from the cordilleras are smoother with more body but I am by no means a connoisseur as well. What I am though is a hoarder. I’d stock up on coffee beans fearing of running out. 🙂 Nice blog you have here. Will be visiting again.


  2. I’m not a huge coffee drinker. Around here, it’s Starbucks and yet, I really don’t like Starbucks. I prefer a Diet Coke (all the time … Ugh!) but, preferable from a fountain. 😀 Although one year we went to Jamaica and were given a couple pounds of coffee to bring home from one of the guys that worked at the hotel we stayed at. Now, that was coffee I could have taken up drinking every day. It was perfectly smooth and had just the right flavor. I wish I knew how to get a hold of that here in the U.S. Pure perfection. 😀


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