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The lovely stephjms of A Peacock In a Robin’s Nest nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award!

I follow her blog very closely, you see, and I can tell you she’s got a lot of interesting, unusual and beautiful stuff going on in there.  So, I think you should hop on over to her blog and check that out!

This is my first nomination ever and I’m giddy.  Hehe!  😉

So, I find out that the rules for this award are:

1. Post seven interesting things about myself.

2.  Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award.

3.  Let them know about the nomination.

🙂  🙂  🙂

So, ahem!  Not sure about whether the following things are interesting to anybody at all, but these are just 7 random stuff about me:

1.  As a child, my dream was to one day be a ballet dancer.  For some reason, my parents had me studying instead the piano.  In high school, I somehow convinced my mother, despite our crumbling finances, to let me study drums because it was the cool thing back then (think Watts of  “Some Kind of Wonderful”).  Now, I’m vicariously living that childhood dream as my kid Lover goes to ballet school and is passionate about it.  To me, it’s a wonderful treat just to be able to watch her every class.

2.  I don’t think I can live without red wine, brewed coffee, and potato chips (Kettle Brand sea salt and black pepper).

3.  I have a collection of old, thrifted, school-boy style shoes that I never wear, specially after that one time that I tried on a pair and Lover worriedly demanded why I was wearing Daddy’s shoes and not “pretty shoes.”

4.  I have never really gotten past the 80s music.  Yep, bad hair and all.  I get Boy George, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Wham!, and  The Cure.  One of my favorite songs and music videos ever is the one-hit wonder “I Wanna Be Like Harry Houdini” (by Kon Kan).

5.  Every single day, I try my best to be less bad-tempered and to swear less.  Really, I do.

6.  I do my best to have lunch, as often as I possibly can, as close as possible to a natural body of water.

7.  I like reading, and appreciate the art of, labels.  Yeah, like labels on skin care products, cereal boxes, and clothes tags.

Drum roll, please!  These are just 15 (in no particular order) of the many wonderful, enjoyable blogs whom I follow and  I feel deserve the award because their blogs truly share beauty to the world!

1. A Peacock In A Robin’s Nest

2.  People Places and Bling!

3.  Kwentong Nanay

4.  Marilag’s Journey

5.  Motherhood Is An Art

6.  my adventure odyssey

7.  A little bit of this & that

8.  Living and Lovin

9.  Everyday Commotion

10.  Organized Living Essentials

11.  Rodposse.

12.  out for the day

13.  Serendipity

14. Perfectly imperfect momma

15.  emily’s vintage photography

Have a beautiful day! 😉

With love always,



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  1. My heartfelt thanks. 🙂 This actually inspires me to put more effort into my blog. Hope I do no disappoint.


  2. Ohmygoodness… I’m humbled. Thank you for following my little blog!! I was drawn to you immediately once I read about your love of all things vintage. I girl after my own heart. I have always said I prefer old over new any day, except maybe technology, shoes and my toothbrush… let’s go have lunch by a large body of water. Peace and hugs, Steph


  3. Thanks for the nomination! It’s very motivating:)


  4. I want to thank you again for nominating me for this award. I sincerely appreciate this … it’s so encouraging. 😀


  5. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that you take the time to read my blog! You made my day!!!


  6. nutsfortreasure August 17, 2012 — 1:45 am

    Congratulations! Thank you as well I will try to accept on my blog tomorrow lasts nights storms had me getting no sleep so I must turn in 😦



  7. Congratulations!! It’s well-deserved!! I love your spiffy site. Your photography and text always play well together. I always smile whenever I spot the duckies. Enjoy the weekend!! Theadora (And thank you!! I appreciate the “Lovely” shout-out.)


  8. Thanks for the nomination. I may be late in posting mine, but I do appreciate it.

    What is it with moms and piano?!?! I too loved ballet as a child, and my mom pulled me out of it to learn piano. Needless to say, it was like pulling teeth every Saturday morning to attend those classes.


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