Two Dates and Some Lovely Random Things

Some things that have struck my eye lately…

I love it so much when the sky turns orange.  In fact, I like everything orange.  It’s the  burning passion of red and innocent cheerfulness of yellow.  Somewhat like being married, with little kids.

In a moment of warm fuzziness characteristic of mild inebriation, I had taken the picture above during a date with Bear two weeks ago at Romeo’s Filipino and Japanese Restaurant in Antipolo City.

(I also find it truly awesome when a wonderful little restaurant with a fantastic view allows you to bring in your own wine at such  de minimis corkage, with a classy complimentary chiller and crystal wine goblets that save you going back to and from your car to get surreptitious swigs.  Come on, it’s a genius idea for those who date el cheapo—you can thank me later!).

I have always been enamored by monster clocks.  This one is a view of Manila City Hall from the al fresco rooftop bar and restaurant Sky Deck of Bayleaf Hotel.  Magical.  They really got this right.

I’ve never been a big beer person but when I do drink it, I find myself asking for this dark lager beer by who else but San Miguel— the Cerveza Negra.  Seriously malty, thick and bitter.  Gorgeous.

sky deck date

I was quite intrigued by this lady above with the impossible red heels.  Her table was right next to ours and  I observed her quiet, lovely solitariness as she drank a bottle of beer right after another.  She had beautiful, straight long hair that danced with the wind (very windy, that place).

How does that work for anyone, really?  I mean drinking alone in a public place.  I’ve never tried it, beautiful hair, form-fitting dress with killer heels. Or not.


Me and Bear.  We actually go on dates a lot. Most of our dates could be done on a student budget, nothing very fancy.

Our work as much as our respective internet discoveries have taken over our mostly random, aimless, wildly desultory but endless conversations on these dates.

Yes, I like having these conversations.  It’s like looking at the mirror within the mirror within the mirror.

It just goes on forever.

Of course.  Nothing beats a good serving of hot dim sum (pork siomai in this case, which can be bought at one of my most favorite dim sum places of all time —- Dragon Noodle Center on M.H. Del Pilar Street, Manila)  and needless to state, chili sauce.

Yes, dim sum and chili sauce — the ties that bind us together.  Me and Bear.

How about you?

What’s your favorite kind of place to go on a date?

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  1. We usually do daytime dates…to a movie and a good lunch…Thai or Vietnamese or Mexican. But wherever a couple goes, I think it’s important to call it a date and make it special and we are going on 50 years of marriage so I guess we’re doing something right. I don’t have red high heels either. Can’t imagine drinking alone.


  2. Since I love fall, one of my favorite things to do for a date is go for a walk in the woods. It’s so pretty with all the trees’ leaves changing colors. I love it. 🙂


  3. I love it _<


  4. I so enjoyed reading your post. As always, very interesting with delightful images. My favourite is the one of the single lady with the unique shoes sipping on beer. It is such an image of contradictions. I wander if she realizes that we are commenting on her night out alone.


  5. Love your digital pictures!


  6. The first photo is my favorite of the bunch! Simply breathtaking!


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