Travel and Happiness


I took the photo above at a market located in the mountains of Kalaw, Myanmar. The very young mum and her littles were so strikingly beautiful that I just had to.

She sweetly obliged, required neither words nor any other sort of prompting to smile long enough to let my clumsy fingers finish fumbling with the camera settings — which contributed to the cackling amusement shared with her equally cheery nearby friends– and gave me this gift.

I would look at the photos I take of the people we meet and would get a clue why certain places just feel more deeply etched into memory than others, why certain snippets of a mostly blurry recollection just tend to stand out so much you could remember every nose wrinkle, every smell, every sound in that great cacophony of yapping dogs, laughing children, wailing babies, dealing merchants and bargaining buyers, every second of your poor little heart pounding at the possibility of losing the moment forever.

(Somewhere in this universe, my life has crossed with yours, however fleetingly, and you gave me a moment that nobody else could have)

What about you?

What makes your journeys happy?

Thanks for stopping by!

See you again,


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